DIY Christmas Felt ‘Paper’ Chains

Remember making paper chains every Christmas when you were a child?
I’ve come up with a couple of variations for you! Here’s the first…

Felt ‘Paper’ Chains

Cut out felt strips approx 1/2 inch wide & 7″ long. I’ve made mine in two varying shades of pink as I intend to keep them up in my room but for a festive feel try green, red, silver & white felt.

Once you’ve cut up what you think is enough strips to start your chain (remember you can always add more) stop cutting!
Get one strip, join the ends with an approximate 1cm overlap and stitch together with either matching or contrasting thread, your choice.

Pick up the next strip and thread through the first strip before stitching the ends together.

Repeat until your felt chain is at the desired length.

The beauty of making this felt Christmas ‘paper’ chain is that you can pack it away carefully & bring it out year after year!

The alternative paper chain idea I had is to use up old magazines, advertising leaflets (ie from supermarkets) & newspapers to make your paper chains instead of using tissue paper as is traditional. A good way to recycle!

Christmas Past…

A few of my previous christmases for you to giggle over… pic#1 is me & my dad last year. He came down & stayed with us for a couple of days…
pic#2 is me with Mr J’s family, his mum & grandparents. We’re having christmas with them again this year at his brother’s house, i’m very much looking forward to it…
pic#3 is me at about 15 with my brother & my dad & pic#4 is my first ever christmas!!! In case you’re wondering my mum is camera shy 😉
Are you all set for Chrismas? Who are you spending it with??