I just want to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am to be with the beautiful man laying beside me. I love him so very much. He’s semi-dozing whilst I tickle his feet & read my favourite blogs. He makes me so happy & makes me laugh.

His favourite things are drumming, skateboarding, his daughter, milk before bedtime, chocolate (especially Galaxy), cuddles & being tickled. Probably not in that order! I love you Drummer Boy xxx

Xmas Shopping!

I managed to fit in a quick hours worth of xmas shopping yesterday before starting work… 3 balls of purple wool ready to make a pom pom mobile for one of my best friends… Liquid chocolate with hints of chilli & orange for another friend… a discounted price brand new Cargo photo frame from a charity store for another friend… posh shortbread biscuits (i’ll be making them next time around), a rescued photo frame with family photos in… I actually enjoyed myself! How’s your xmas shopping going???

PS. I have been working on one pom pom for 4 hours now. 4 hours!!!! Do you think I made the central hole too big?!!