Quality Street

This beautiful little Quality Street tin houses my button stash. I wish I had some more of these tins, they’re so perfect for storage & are incredibly hardy.

They make me think of cake and Sundays from my childhood as well as being synonymous with Christmas… do they bring back memories for you? Do you use them as storage too? My mum used to bake most weekends and at Sunday teatime out would come the Quality Street or Roses tin with a delicious sponge cake inside… Mmmmm!

I’ve seen all the chocolate boxes appearing in shops for Christmas already it’s just a shame they no longer come in these beautiful tins!

Hugs, Caz x

Things I liked to do when I was a kid…

Draw matchstick pictures.
Play hopscotch.
Make paper dolls (with my Fashion Wheel!)
Play with marbles.
Dress up like a princess.
Make daisy chains.
Learn about dinosaurs.
Play with my brothers cars. (I made them go to school.)
Play dress up with Sindy & Barbie.
Learn the names of all the flowers and birds.
Go on long nature walks with my mum.
Go the park with my dad & my brother.
Colour things in. 
Write stories.

I still do a few of things.. reading, drawing matchstick pictures, colour things in & learning about dinosaurs.. (I’m an avid dinosaur documentary fan!) Maybe I should give some of the others ago too…

What about you, do you still do your favourite childhood things?

Paper Dolls

When I was a child I had a Fashion Wheel. I loved it… hours & hours of creativity. I made no end of paper dolls, named them, gave them characters & sent them to school. I did the same with photographs from magazines too!

Looks like paper dolls are all the rage on Etsy now too!

I think I may have a go at making some paper dolls of my own… let the little girl inside me come back out to play!

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