I Drew This…

I drew this young lady in pencil & crayon the other day. Am currently having a go at Fashion Illustration with a how-to book… must keep practising!

What I Wore Wednesday

*Yes, it is only Wednesday for another half an hour in this part of the world but it’s still Wednesday!
*My plan is to make this a new feature on my blog.. each Wednesday I’ll post a picture of myself & a self-portrait drawing. Partly just for fun, but also to push my drawing skills… drawing people can be quite difficult.

*Anyway for the fashiony bit… I’m wearing my (almost)future SIL Mazz’s hat, white vest from New Look, yellow vest from Primark, sunglasses from River Island, cardigan from Next, scarf from a market years ago, & my jeans are Red Herring.
(Drawn in biro & coloured in with oil pastels.)


Things To Do Before September

Rebecca @ Consider My Dear

1. A drawing a day… my Art & design course starts in September & in my interview the tutor stressed how important simply drawing is & said that mine was weak (it is!) & that I needed to practise over the summer. One of Leigh-Ann’s draw-a-longs might come in pretty handy!

2. Make up some more earrings using up my current stash ready for sale.

3. Go to an art exhibition… perhaps the Joan Miro exhibition at The Tate Modern?

4. Get the bridal necklace for this beautiful lady ready for their September wedding!

5. Finally get a good camera!

What’s on your ‘To Do’ list for the rest of summer?