Five Images

Five random images stored on my laptop…

1, 3 & 4 all weheartit
2. Gorgeous bracelet by Emily Wiser.
5. Me & my friends (Nick, me, Kristina & Rachel) the night Kristina moved to Dubai. Miss you Kristina Bambina!

The Pink Post

(All pics sourced from weheartit)

How adorable is the pink haired girl with her pink haired tattoo??! Now I just need some kawaii crockery & the fair to come to town so that I can have pink candy floss & I’ll be a happy girlie!  
Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend… I’ve been to a wedding but I’ll blog about that soon…. xox

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Without Struggle…

I’m guessing I found this pic on weheartit but I have it saved on my laptop. I love tattoos & I appreciate the sentiment. I went to college yesterday for a mini-intro into what our course is about. It sounds like it’s going to be intense & getting the work/college balance right is going to be a struggle but it’ll be worth it & as the tatt says… “Without  struggle there is no progress”

Crafty excitement!!!!

So I’ll be honest, I have been stuck in a huge non-creating rut, for quite a long time now. I’m excited about college in September & I’ve got a few days off and have a list of a few small crafty mends to get done for a couple of friends & my mum but have not really been feeling up to due to ta lack of inspiration. Even browsing my favourite blogs has failed to boost me….
But this morning everything changed! I have bought & perused issue one of Mollie Makes & I am so excited! It’s such a beautiful magazine, the photography is gorgeous, it features Rob Ryan, Emily Peacock & one of my absolute favourite bloggers & crafters, Dottie Angel. There are a few crafty how-to’s in there, complete with stencils & a free gift… I used to love buying Frankie but haven’t been able to get my mitts on it in some time so I’m soooo glad I spotted Mollie Makes! Somehow having beautiful images actually on paper in front of me is more inspirational for me than the online blogs that I look through…
Due to general excitedness & actually a need to do something I’m off but I’ll leave you with these visions of loveliness…

(All images from weheartit – tagged ‘illustration’)

PS. I have about 6 old mobile phones kicking around, all of which are pretty ancient & not even worth sending to those money-for-your-mobile companies… anyone have any suggestions what could be done with them?? Or do you know of any charities that take them for recycling purposes?

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things… Part II

1. Cameras… I think almost everyone in blogland has an addiction to these… (source 2. My owl money box (6″ tall, he fits a lot of change in him!) & owl stuff in general. Real owls are beautiful, owl images tend to be very cute… I have an owl diary, my owl money box, an owl candle holder.. you get the picture 🙂 3. stripes.. in particular stripey socks. I have many pairs! ( 4. Greys Anatomy… I can’t help it, I love it. So what if i cry all the way through?! 5. Tattoos… I have two. This one is gorgeous, but no, it isn’t mine! ( 6.Crumpets… for breakfast, with lots of butter. Mmmmm.. food Heaven. 7. Amelie… “I like to look for things no one else catches..” Amelie Poulain… such a beautiful & sweet movie. 8.Tea… I like a latte from time to time but a good cup of tea beats everything else hands down!

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