100 Ideas no.83 (Keri Smith 100 Ideas)

83. Write about your day in an encyclopedic fashion. (i.e. organize by subject.)

Family: Dad, my brother Grant, his wife Mel and my newborn nephew Byron. He’s beautiful! He’s two days old & I cradled him on my lap for 20 minutes.

Food: Breakfast ~ Philaedelphia on toast, Snacks ~ Salt & Vinegar French Fries, Sainsburys cornflake cakes, Dinner ~ Homepride cheese & bacon pasta bake with chicken. Tea.

Reading: Mollie Makes, Keri Smith ~ particularly this post & the blogs I have in Google Reader.

Shopping: At Sainsburys & the Co-Op.

Travel: From Kettering to Northampton & vice versa.

TV: a James May programme, Death In Paradise & a Simon & Garfunkel documentary (whilst writing this post).

Well, that was my day yesterday! This post was actually quite difficult to write.. firstly you need to list everything you did & then arrange it by subject, an odd way of trying to convey what you did throughout the day. That’s why I’m such a fan of Keri Smith though as her lists and posts, as well her artwork, make you  think differently. She encourages you to think outside the box and her website is a fantastic place to visit if you are suffering from a mental block of pretty much any kind. Check her out!

Ten Things

After checking out this amazing post 100 ideas I decided to do no. 59: list ten things you would like to do every day

1. walk by the sea
2. create
3. eat home cooked food
4. read
5. cuddle
6. play
7. smile
8. make someone else smile
9. see fresh flowers
10. be grateful

What ten things would you like to do every day?