Blog Crush 2

I don’t speak French but I have fallen in love with this blog as I just absolutely adore her artwork… please nip over & check it out as her work is truly beautiful.

This blog has the loveliest fashion shots… catwalk & her own wardrobe…

And I love this blog & have let myself be suckered into their lives… Naomi just seems so lovely & refreshing & her blog is upbeat & entertaining.

A few random pictures from my summer last year… 1) me & one of my best friends, Faye, 2) me & my mate James & 3) me & my friend Sam laughing our faces off because neither of us could smile properly for the camera! I can’t wait for summer again…

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S(it’s Mon…)Day Sweetness

Doesn’t Spring make you think of Romance? It does me! The sun is shining, flowers are budding, lambing season begins, the trees blossom… you can see everything beginning in front of you. It makes you feel happy, light, renewed, blooming… & maybe it gets you allllll loved up! All photographs sourced from weheartit PS. Go here for a very cute Spring competition from Adolie Day!

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