Film favourites: Labyrinth

It’s 1986. Jim Henson & George Lucas collaborate on a film by the name of Labyrinth. What could go wrong? Nothing, I tell you, nothing!

A teenage girl left to babysit her screaming baby brother, a Goblin King in lycra (David Bowie you made my mum swoon!), Sir Didymus the loyal knight, Ludo the gentle giant, the Bog of Eternal Stench, the fantastic songs… I own the soundtrack 😉 It was a hit!
If you haven’t seen this movie then you must. Immediately
(So much so that I will write no more just so that you can hasten off to watch!)
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The Pink Post

I think that by now you probably know that I like tea. And who would be able to resist this sweet set?
How gorgeous is this elephant collage? DB loves elephants so I’m tempted to recreate something similar…
How awesome does this store look?!
I don’t have an iphone but if I did I would have this case!
I’ve always wanted to live in a cottage & what could be more perfect than a pink one?
Great graffiti.
Deliciously cheeky cupcakes!
I love this little camera necklace, unfortunately I don’t know where I found the picture. If you’ve seen it let me know where so that I can credit it.

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Foodie Friday

Moroccan-style Chicken Tagine

You will need:
Chicken (I used mini fillets)
Tomato Passata (or tinned tomatoes)
Ground ginger
Ground turmeric
Ground paprika

This dish is so unbelievably simple to make & so yummy!

Pre-heat oven to 200c
Dice up any veg you’re using (onion, peppers, garlic)
Place the chicken, diced veg & garlic, sultanas, almonds & tomato passata in to a casserole dish.
Add the spices
Put casserole dish in to oven.
After about 15 minutes remove dish & stir ingredients ensuring spices are mixed through.
Leave in oven for another 30 minutes then taste & add more spices if necessary. Pop back in for last 15 minutes.
Remove from oven & dish up!

I had this with cous cous & a rocket salad & it was delicious!

Napoleon was a Redhead

That’s right folks! According to this he was.
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Deborah Ann Woll (Trueblood), Florence Welch (Florence & The Machine) & Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under & the new Torchwood!). One of the girls from work said the other day that I remind her of Florence Welch. Compliment!

I have a real thing for red hair. I may have mentioned it before, here, here, & here. Hhhhmmmm. Some of my favourite bloggers are redheads too…

Elizabeth of Rosalilium

Vicki of The Magpie Girl
I love being a redhead & my hair has been too, well, dark lately, so yesterday I dyed it again… it’s much brighter & redder now!

Who’s your favourite redhead?


What can I say, I fancied a change from pink!

Love the bowl, it would look so pretty by my bedside table, maybe storing all my jewellery & hair bands.
LOVE this illustration.
How gorgeous is this necklace? I love it!
Turquoise doughnuts? Yes please! 
Love this necklace too. The designer is a graphic designer you should check out her shop. (link below).
I really really want this apron!
Couldn’t resist posting this bunny picture!
How awesome are these leg warmers?! Gorgeous.
Loving the seventies vibe of this picture.
This is Stef. She is partly responsible for the previous picture. She & her friend Erin run a mobile vintage shop & blog. It’s my new favourite read!
Work & life in general have been quite busy busy busy these last few days so my beloved laptop has been skulking in a corner! My summer project for my Art course came through, I have all necessary components to start work on the bridal necklace I’ve got to make, Drummer Boy had another gig, we had his daughter, A, over the weekend & now I’m off for a hen-do!
All very hectic but I’ll attempt to touch base & should have some great hen-do photos for you next week!

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Bread 101 #2

The humble sliced loaf came in to being in 1928, invented by a chap called Otto Frederick Rohwedder. Smart guy! In 1943 it was actually banned in America from January till March. It has now become the convenient mainstay of the West.

I personally am not a fan of the sliced stuff unless it’s toasted. Because then it tastes completely different
I am a HUGE toast fan. 
Toast & *peanut butter (crunchy) *jam (blackcurrant or strawberry) *chocolate spread (Nutella is the King) *soft cheese (Philaedelphia, Boursin etc) *pate… sometimes just on it’s own, super hot, with lashings of butter. Mmmmmmm!


You will need: Sliced bread, cheese, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

Turn on the grill.
Slice enough cheese to cover two slices of bread.
Place bread under the grill. Toast one side then turn over & very lightly toast the other. Remove slices.
On the less toasted side arrange your cheese slices.
Place back under grill until cheese is bubbling.
Make sure you don’t burn the edges! When it is ready, remove toast from the grill & place on a plate.
Add a dash of L&P Worcestershire sauce.

A little word about the cheese – it has to be a hard cheese as they melt perfectly. Think Cheddar or Double Gloucester.

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Film favourites: Amelie

What an absolutely gorgeous movie. Audrey Tautou is beautiful. The sets are so so so so pretty! The story is so very sweet. A massive favourite of mine! Sublime. 

Foodie Friday



One happy family. 

Cauliflower Macaroni Cheese. 

The recipe I used is in Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals.

After dinner I got Alia to pick a name out of a hat for July’s Giveaway & the winner is… LAKOTA!

(Email me with your postal address please Lakota x)
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Five Images

I absolutely love this design. It’s a Common Threadz tee. i absolutely love their tee’s! If you haven’t already checked them out then you really should. You can wear a cute tee & feel virtuous whilst doing it!

I love this little image! Unfortunately I have no idea where I got it from. Toy Story is however one of my all time favourite movies!

How absolutely gorgeous is this?! I want!

I believe this is a piece from Spell & The Gypsy Collective. I absolute love their jewellery it is absolutely amazing!

This handsome fella is my dad! This is back in the early seventies, before I came along! (Love you daddy!)

I’ve had a bit of a rough day today; I feel exhausted, work was rubbish, getting home was beyond a joke, my new bread rolls fell out of their packaging & on to the floor, & I stubbed my toe on the stairs. 
Therefore it is time for bed & I will wake up to a bright shiny new day! xoxox

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Bread 101

Bread. Apparently we’ve been eating it for at least 30,000 years.
We eat it all over the world,from a traditional white sliced loaf to a tortilla, from a chapatti to a rye loaf, from flatbread to sourdough.
Here in the West it is certainly our staple diet! Celebrities endorse it… & there’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy self-promotion…

Bread is so integral to our society in ways I haven’t really considered before. If you are the key earner in your household then you are the ‘breadwinner’. If something you see is absolutely-oh-my-god-amazing it is quite simply the best thing since sliced bread. If you can’t go out ’cause you got no dough’ you haven’t got any money!

For breakfast we have cereal or toast. For lunch maybe a nice sandwich.. or how about a baguette or panini? And when you go out for dinner in the evening, oh my, isn’t that a bread roll just by your elbow?

Here it’s cheap. Students are jokingly known to survive purely on beans on toast. It’s also incredibly versatile!

I am going on a bread journey. I shall start with the humble English loaf*. Feel free to come along for the ride 😉

*Read as: pre-packaged sliced loaf!