The Big Destash

I don’t know if I’ve really explained my current living situation before. I live in a houseshare with the lovely Faye, her fella, another girl, the landlord & his dog. It’s a big house but it needs a real overhaul. And said dog needs a bath! Therefore I basically spend about 90% of my time at Drummer Boy’s house. We live here with two of his sisters, one of their’s fiance & a scientist lodger! However DB’s house is in much better shape, only has a visiting dog (Alfie, I might introduce you one day!), & currently a rabbit in the back garden, but this is the place I call home.

Now spending sooooo much time here & not really missing alot of the stuff I have back at mine has led me to the realisation that I obviously don’t need all the stuff I have there. Obviously I want some of it, but well, a lot of it has got to go!

I have just patiently entered 22 barcodes into the musicmagpie website so that they take some of it off my hands & send me a cheque… hooray! A few good quality items will be Ebay’d. I will go over my crafting items with a critical eye & put aside that which I know I honestly won’t use for a destash section in my hopefully-not-too-far-off Etsy shop. I think unwanted (& hardly worn) shoes might find their way to Ebay, & of course, there’s always the charity shop.

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But what about my books??!

I have decided that these fall into two seperate categories. I have some old, well thumbed through, fictional books which I have read, maybe even more than once, but no longer wish to keep. These I shall list in the ‘Grab A Book’ list that will appear in the sidebar once compiled (keep your eyes peeled!). To get your mitts on one of these simply email me on with your postal address & said book will magically appear on your doorstep. (UK readers only).

The second category is those books which I own but have never read! Mainly craft books that I’ve bought but just never used. they have merely gathered a (little) dust sitting on the bookshelf. Lo & behold these shiny new craft books, as well as a few crafty bits & pieces I’ve put together will be coming to a giveaway near you… very very soon!  

Money, money, money.

Or lack thereof. I have just taken a rather large wage drop & am already feeling the effects & it’ll probably get worse from September when I start college as I’ll probably have to cut back on my hours. However I am not disheartened by this as it means I can cut back on the mindless I-want-consumerism that I have allowed to slip back into my life since here

So… that means staff food at work (it’s free & ok as long as the veggies aren’t green beans… ick!), buying a monthly bus pass next pay day (a saving of at least £40), remembering to use my (newly obtained!) Boots Advantage card to get millions of points, not buying a magazine just for the sake of it when the one I want isn’t there… & maybe subscribing to the one I do want as it works out cheaper in the long run & cuts back on temptation!

I haven’t had a haircut in seven months & I trim my own fringe (fear not I am a connesieur!) as well as dying my own hair (£6 vs £40) & i’ve decided not to go to the hairdressers until December just in time for my birthday 🙂 I am quite intrigued by the idea of washing my hair au natural a la And Then There Were Four but I don’t think I’m brave enough!

I’m planning an Ebay sale for some of the stuff stashed in my room, including two gorgeous dresses (both approx £100 new but now too big) so I’ll give you a heads up when I open up shop! A friend of mine told me about musicmagpie so I’m going to gather up all my old CD’s & DVD’s & send them off. I’ve also banned myself from buying any nice new shiny things (read ‘materials’) for my jewellery making until I’ve used the massive stash I’ve already got sitting at home!

I’m feeling quite inspired by Buying Nothing New For A Year although I’d have to really think about what my parameters would be having tried to do a similar thing with clothing here. Anybody out there got any money saving/money making tips they want to share?

Have a peep here for money saving ideas x

(All pictures from Favim