Flora & Fauna #4

I do appear to have developed a borderline obsession with flora & fauna recently. You may recall that I signed up for a botanical illustration course but it got cancelled so now I’m teaching myself. The beautiful Blue Tit jug above is the work of Julia Smith, a ceramics artist who lives in Inverness.
Melissa’s blog Tiny Happy  is one of my favourite blogs because she always shares sketches & embroidery that she’s done inspired by the beautiful environment around her.
Isn’t this room beautifully styled? May have to steal their idea! (click pic for source)

Beautiful botany preservation. I’ve got some framed dried flowers at home… I’ll have to take a picture to show you. It’s even got a sticker on the back with the name of the lady who made it!

I love this beautiful altered art book, gorgeous. (Found here)

Know any flora & fauna or botany gems I should know about? Please share if you do!

Flora & Fauna #3

Alright, alright, I know one gratuitous ladybird shot does not exactly constitute ‘fauna’ but that’s as close as I got in my mum’s garden!

Earlier on Fran asked what my favourite blogs are so without further ado here are a few  for your perusal…

If you’ve missed any of these you should definitely go & check them out!


PS> My boyfriend served Terry Pratchett today at work! How cool!!!!!

Flora & Fauna #2

More ‘flora’ shots taken whilst out on the boat. Do ladybirds really constitute ‘fauna’? Hhhhmmmmm.

Flora & fauna inspired art…
I’m hoping to develop some artwork based on my photos & maybe even an embroidery. Follow the links for these Etsy beauties!

1, 2, 3,

Flora & Fauna

All of these were shot yesterday. I can’t believe how close up the ladybird looks & yet the picture is still crystal clear. I am definitely in love with my new camera. 

I was chatting with the lovely Fran of skullsandponies on Twitter yesterday about Project 365 & I’ve decided to give it a go. I have exactly a month before I start college & then I’m studying Art… so a photograph a day for the next year ties in perfectly with where my life is right now… and this challenge will help me achieve my goal of mainly using my own photographs on my blog 🙂