The Pink Post

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Time for a dose of pink! The final photograph is of some hairclips I made a couple of years ago… I love the buttons!

PS. I’m doing a guest post soon… keep your eyes peeled!

The Pink Post

(All pics sourced from weheartit)

How adorable is the pink haired girl with her pink haired tattoo??! Now I just need some kawaii crockery & the fair to come to town so that I can have pink candy floss & I’ll be a happy girlie!  
Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend… I’ve been to a wedding but I’ll blog about that soon…. xox

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Pink Monday

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It’s been grey & gloomy & drizzly all day today & now finally at 6.15pm the sun is finally trying to break through! Lovely English weather. Today was my last day off before returning to work tomorrow & that and the weather have left me feeling a little down… so I decided it was time for a pink post!

Here’s a particularly dodgy pic of me taken with my webcam.. I was hoping to show you my newly-purple hair & my new Volcom t-shirt that I got from here but you can’t see it too well so here it is properly…

I love it! We do think the owls eyes are kind of trippy-hypnotic though… anyway i’m going to get some earrings made up tonight & watch a bit of BBC iplayer and hopefully get a bit of an early-ish night! Hope you’ve enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend xox
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