Goodbye 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a had a great christmas & New Year, I definitely have. We spent xmas & boxing day with Mr J’s family & last night we went out with friends & had a great time…

Favourite things from 2009…

Discovering blogs like A Beautiful Mess & The Rockstar Diaries

Being promoted to management at work…

Moving into my gorgeous new flat…

Beginning a growing obsession with pom poms…

Seeing Harrison Ford in the flesh

Fringe, Trueblood, Twilight…

Making new friends…

Gingerbread lattes…

Fitting into size 8 skinny jeans!

Ending my year with Mr J, stronger than ever ❤

& in 2010…

I’d like to….

…. learn how to knit

how to make pickled onions

how to make jam

pay off my debts

watch Where The Wild Things Are

learn to drive

see the new Harry Potter movie

make more pom poms

daydream about having my own cafe/shop

wear more dresses

shop vintage, handmade, secondhand & repurposed

read more

holiday in Europe & the UK with Mr J

eat more vegetables

have a tea party

learn to crochet

get new glasses

take up photography

& achieve my ‘Before I’m 33’ wishlist!

What did you discover in 2009? & what do you want from 2010?!