Pink Thursday

All pictures sourced from weheartit
This weekly pinkfest started here after being inspired by Trains & Sewing Machines on a post very much like this one. She picks a different colour each week to search on weheartit but I’m a pink fanatic so I usually just search for… pink! I am especially loving the adorable kid in the gigantic pink sunglasses, soooo cute!
Last night I helped my friend Hannah with a teeny bit of packing because she’s moving to Leeds next week (I’ll miss you Smith!) we had wine, ate pizza, and I raided her wardrobe. Score! 8 new summery tops for me! Yay! My summer wardrobe has been boosted of late & it’s only cost me about £15 so far. (Plus the £11 taxi fare home last night. Ouch!) Charity shops & your friends wardrobe definitely the way forward!
Gotta run, have a full on day at work today so I really need to get moving. Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!
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Pink Wednesday

I enjoyed picking out all those pink pictures last Tuesday (inspired by TrainsandSewingMachines) so I’ve decided to make it a once weekly feature… 1&2 both found on weheartit I love the artwork in pic1 its beautiful… quite dreamy… 3 by Julie West one of my absolute favourite artists… 4 isn’t this lovely? Another weheartit find… 5 is by the Dainty Squid… 6 you probably recognise her work by now, the talented Anarkitty 7&8 both from weheartit… I bet you own at least one pair of Converse?? I know I do! 8 is a beautiful photograph… 9 Kat MacLeod… just love love love her work! (PS. as I am now officially on holiday I just thought I’d share with you that I’m sitting on the sofa in my pink dressing gown eating Lemon cheesecake & reading blogs. AND THAT’S ALL I’M DOING!!!!!)

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Pink Tuesday

Today I’m playing along with Trains and Sewing Machines (y’day) post where she picked a colour & entered it into the weheartit search box… & then posted her favourite results. I chose pink cuz it’s my favourite colour & a good antidote to the dull greyness outside! PINK MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND!!!!