8 Weeks To A Better Me… Week 1

Hi there… since I only joined the lovely Dani’s ‘8 Weeks To A Better Me’ in week 5 I thought I’d have a look back at the previous weeks. Week one is about blogging inspiration, what you want to blog about and setting yourself three ‘Blog goals’. Having recently signed up for Elsie’s Blog Love e-course where I want to go with my blog & what I want to post on it are things I’ve been thinking about alot recently.

My three blogging goals are…

1. Post up something I’ve created at least once a week… ideally building up gradually so that most of my posts include something creative.

2. Recipe How-To posts… I love cooking & quite often ad-lib my way & cook up some gems! I think it’ll be really fun to photograph the stages along the way… I’d quite like to create a ‘cookbook’ eventually 🙂

3. Keep up my weekly posts, even with my work timetable & I can be more organised & have them planned out in advance!

Thank you Elsie & Dani as your both a fantastic source of inspiration & both seem to be so seem & friendly! I love reading other peoples blogs & find them inspirational in themselves. I love how your blog works as an online journal for you to look back on & as a scrapbook of inspirational photos… it’s something that I really enjoy.

Now I’m off to play with Drummer Boy’s new camera so finally… those earring pics will be coming your way!

A Tuesday Ramble…

Last night I made some earrings similar to these except with golden tone wire & findings.. I made a pair with Snowflake Obsidian, a pair in Aventurine & some in Haematite. I’ll be doing a photoshoot asap. The pair above are some Tigers Eye earrings that I made a couple of years ago.

I also finished watching The Devil’s Whore last night starring the very beautiful Andrea Riseborough & the brilliant John Simm, a favourite actor of mine ever since The Lakes on BBC about ten years ago! TDW is set back in the day of King Charles & Oliver Cromwell & tells the true (& very sad) story of Lady Angelica Fanshawe… married 3 times & each one died. It’s very well acted & definitely worth a watch! It’s available on channel 4 on demand if anyone fancies it.

I was blown away by these this morning, found over at Find, Make, Do they are both made from carrier bags… I think the coral-type one is beautiful. Pop over to have a look at more carrier-bag installations. 

I also fell in love with this today whilst over at Inside A Black Apple. Emily has done a series of 12 paintings all inspired by Alice In Wonderland… marvellous!

Here is Week 4 of 8 Weeks To A Better Me… all about learning to love yourself, something that most people do struggle with. I’m going to count myself very lucky here & say that actually my self-image is pretty good. I was blessed with a very strong-willed & opinionated mother who taught me & my brother to believe in ourselves, to be self-reliant & to not care what other people think. It is harder not to care what others think as you get older (or so I’ve found) but on the whole she gave me a pretty good grounding & I’m generally pretty nice to myself! Thanks mum x

8 Weeks To A Better Me… Week 5

At the beginning of May Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet decided to set herself a series of small goals each week & invited other bloggers to join in… this is where it all started if you want to pop over & have a look-see 🙂 Being a bit slow on the uptake I’ve jumped in on Week 5 Loving Life & Having Fun as it was a thought-provoking read & also something we all need to try & do a bit more of!
My goals for this week are… 1. To get a new battery for my camera as it’s run out & now that I’m creating again I want to be able to share them with you… & as inspired by Lauren I want to take a lot more photos in general. 
2. To make or draw something everyday. As I mentioned here I haven’t really been at my creative best but with college starting in September I really really need to get back into the swing of it! Once I’ve got my camera up & running I’ll be able to post my work up here too which in turn should keep me inspired!
3. Last but not least, I can be quite a negative person. one of the reason I’ve quit my management position was because more often than not I’d be angry at work, my entire shifts would revolve around other people’s problems & it got to the point where I found myself feeling quite negative about people. Well I return to work tomorrow as a waitress & my final goal is to NOT be negative in my workplace!
Now in line with goal 2 I’m disappearing to make some earrings… xox