100 Ideas no.83 (Keri Smith 100 Ideas)

83. Write about your day in an encyclopedic fashion. (i.e. organize by subject.)

Family: Dad, my brother Grant, his wife Mel and my newborn nephew Byron. He’s beautiful! He’s two days old & I cradled him on my lap for 20 minutes.

Food: Breakfast ~ Philaedelphia on toast, Snacks ~ Salt & Vinegar French Fries, Sainsburys cornflake cakes, Dinner ~ Homepride cheese & bacon pasta bake with chicken. Tea.

Reading: Mollie Makes, Keri Smith ~ particularly this post & the blogs I have in Google Reader.

Shopping: At Sainsburys & the Co-Op.

Travel: From Kettering to Northampton & vice versa.

TV: a James May programme, Death In Paradise & a Simon & Garfunkel documentary (whilst writing this post).

Well, that was my day yesterday! This post was actually quite difficult to write.. firstly you need to list everything you did & then arrange it by subject, an odd way of trying to convey what you did throughout the day. That’s why I’m such a fan of Keri Smith though as her lists and posts, as well her artwork, make you  think differently. She encourages you to think outside the box and her website is a fantastic place to visit if you are suffering from a mental block of pretty much any kind. Check her out!

Crafty excitement!!!!

So I’ll be honest, I have been stuck in a huge non-creating rut, for quite a long time now. I’m excited about college in September & I’ve got a few days off and have a list of a few small crafty mends to get done for a couple of friends & my mum but have not really been feeling up to due to ta lack of inspiration. Even browsing my favourite blogs has failed to boost me….
But this morning everything changed! I have bought & perused issue one of Mollie Makes & I am so excited! It’s such a beautiful magazine, the photography is gorgeous, it features Rob Ryan, Emily Peacock & one of my absolute favourite bloggers & crafters, Dottie Angel. There are a few crafty how-to’s in there, complete with stencils & a free gift… I used to love buying Frankie but haven’t been able to get my mitts on it in some time so I’m soooo glad I spotted Mollie Makes! Somehow having beautiful images actually on paper in front of me is more inspirational for me than the online blogs that I look through…
Due to general excitedness & actually a need to do something I’m off but I’ll leave you with these visions of loveliness…

(All images from weheartit – tagged ‘illustration’)

PS. I have about 6 old mobile phones kicking around, all of which are pretty ancient & not even worth sending to those money-for-your-mobile companies… anyone have any suggestions what could be done with them?? Or do you know of any charities that take them for recycling purposes?