The Pink Post

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Final picture is Oscar my new owl! Tom bought him today for me as a surprise present! 

At The Aquarium

Whilst in Newquay for the weekend I took myself on a little trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium…
Taking good photographs with a point & shoot, no flash, in a dimly lit place leads to some rather crap photos believe me! These are the best of a bad bunch. I saw Blue Ray sharks, an octopus, starfish, coral, Caimen, luminescent squid, a rayfish, a couple of different types of turtle… seeing the turtles swimming about made me very happy indeed!  

Flora, Fashion & Fish!

On Friday whilst I was out & about I decided to pop in to Oxfam & check out their books section on the off chance that I might find a well-illustrated children’s book. What I walked out with were three beautifully illustrated books… Fashion Illustration, The Fresh & Salt Water Fish of the World & The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.

The three books totalled £15 & I’ll be using them for inspiration & to practise my drawing skills. The Edwardian diary is amazing. It is the publication of a lady called Edith Holden from the year 1905! It’s her written, drawn & painted observations of the surrounding nature during that year. Sadly some of the species she describes are rarely seen in England any more.

Whilst out thrifting I also bought myself a maxi skirt for a £5 which I’ll be donning as soon as it stops raining again!

DB & I found out yesterday that we can hire a houseboat next week Wednesday to Friday & we’re very excited! I’ve never been out on one before despite living next to a canal lock for 8 months.As DB texted me ‘It should be an awesome adventure!’