Murder Mysteries

I have a confession.
I have an obsession with murder mysteries.
It came to light after a conversation with my dad. I mean, I knew that I liked murder mysteries but once I started listing the ones I like to watch we realised just how bad it is…
Poirot, Murder She Wrote, CSI (all three), Midsummer Murders, NCIS, Cold Case, Columbo, Lewis, Diagnosis Murder, New Tricks, Inspector Morse, Silent Witness, Death In Paradise.. we watched an episode of Foyle’s War. I liked it, that’ll be added to my list now too!
I’m not sure why I’m drawn to them, it’s definitely not for the gore… I like the suspense, following the clues, trying to guess who it was that ‘did’ it I guess!
What is your secret obsession?

My Little Secrets #1

1. I accidently ruined Mr J’s favourite shirt today by dying it splotchy blue. Oh dear.
2. Mr J tells me he loves me at least 20 times a day & I’m therefore the luckiest girl alive.
3. I never ever remove my toe nail varnish. I just paint new shades over the top.
4. I am a very lazzzzzzzzzzzzzy person.
5. I have been cutting my own fringe since I was 14.
6. I’m very bad at housework.
7. I am super organised at work & the total opposite at home.
8. I have webbed toes on one foot.
9. I like to have Egg Mayo & Cheese sandwiches.
10. I really really want a camera so that I can post my own pics on here!