Flora, Fashion & Fish!

On Friday whilst I was out & about I decided to pop in to Oxfam & check out their books section on the off chance that I might find a well-illustrated children’s book. What I walked out with were three beautifully illustrated books… Fashion Illustration, The Fresh & Salt Water Fish of the World & The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.

The three books totalled £15 & I’ll be using them for inspiration & to practise my drawing skills. The Edwardian diary is amazing. It is the publication of a lady called Edith Holden from the year 1905! It’s her written, drawn & painted observations of the surrounding nature during that year. Sadly some of the species she describes are rarely seen in England any more.

Whilst out thrifting I also bought myself a maxi skirt for a £5 which I’ll be donning as soon as it stops raining again!

DB & I found out yesterday that we can hire a houseboat next week Wednesday to Friday & we’re very excited! I’ve never been out on one before despite living next to a canal lock for 8 months.As DB texted me ‘It should be an awesome adventure!’

Friday Fashion

How awesome are these tees? All from Common Threadz, each tee is one of a print run of 250 so you’re pretty unlikely to see anyone else wearing one! Most of the tees are about $38/£23.50 & each tee you buy pays for school uniform for an orphaned child in Africa. Definitely worth checking out… I want this one…

I’ve mentioned these guys before here when I signed up for Isis’ Ethical Clothing Pledge which is a fantastic idea but which I most definitely have failed on in the last year! To be fair to me I think as much as many of us would like to be greener on an every day level on the British high street it’s really quite hard! One thing I am very good at though is recycling my clothes when I have bought new stuff.. I dish them out to friends & bag them up & take them to the charity shops so at least I don’t have items languishing at the bottom of my wardrobe!

And you can get your mitts on any of these if you pop over to Bleubird Vintage… if I was skinnier the rainbow patchwork skirt would be mine… I love it! Now that my shopping urge has been satisfied without actually spending a penny I’m off to get ready for work… Hope you all have a lovely start to your weekend xox

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Pink Thursday

All pictures sourced from weheartit
This weekly pinkfest started here after being inspired by Trains & Sewing Machines on a post very much like this one. She picks a different colour each week to search on weheartit but I’m a pink fanatic so I usually just search for… pink! I am especially loving the adorable kid in the gigantic pink sunglasses, soooo cute!
Last night I helped my friend Hannah with a teeny bit of packing because she’s moving to Leeds next week (I’ll miss you Smith!) we had wine, ate pizza, and I raided her wardrobe. Score! 8 new summery tops for me! Yay! My summer wardrobe has been boosted of late & it’s only cost me about £15 so far. (Plus the £11 taxi fare home last night. Ouch!) Charity shops & your friends wardrobe definitely the way forward!
Gotta run, have a full on day at work today so I really need to get moving. Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!
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Chill Out Time…

So I had a day off today (no, not because of the snow, just because it was my day off!) so I’ve had a massive chill out day. I slept in til midday then Mr J made me a cuppa & boiled my eggs so that I could make myself egg mayo & cheese sandwiches for brunch (my favourite!) then I showered & went thrifting & food shopping. Score!!!

One jumper, long, v-neck, with grey stripes, very cute, one emerald green vest top & a cute pink laced cardigan all for less than £10! I also picked up a small photo album that I’m going to have an attempt at recovering. I promise pictures eventually!!!

Shopping slog over it was time for a very serious amount of tv…

This has to be one of my all time favourite tv shows! I love Jessica!

Then I watched Pan’s Labyrinth. I’ve never seen it before it was a darker than I thought, but what a beautiful movie. I cried. 
Something’s Gotta Give… what can I say? It’s funny. And I love Diane Keaton!
Chill out pictures all sourced from www.weheartit.com
Off to bed for me now… Mr J will be home soon xoxox

Xmas Shopping!

I managed to fit in a quick hours worth of xmas shopping yesterday before starting work… 3 balls of purple wool ready to make a pom pom mobile for one of my best friends… Liquid chocolate with hints of chilli & orange for another friend… a discounted price brand new Cargo photo frame from a charity store for another friend… posh shortbread biscuits (i’ll be making them next time around), a rescued photo frame with family photos in… I actually enjoyed myself! How’s your xmas shopping going???

PS. I have been working on one pom pom for 4 hours now. 4 hours!!!! Do you think I made the central hole too big?!!

Bargain Hunt

1. Amusing show with the orange TV presenter… David Dickinson!
2. Immensely satisfying shopping trip! On the latter today I bought the above two books for the grand sum of £1.90. I love having local charity shops. I am a vicarious reader but I don’t like paying out for books brand new as they are fairly pricey & unless you’ve already read it you don’t know if you’re going to like it or not.
I bought One Hundred Years of Solitude as it’s meant to be great & A Year In Provence because I love reading anything about Brits moving abroad. Living vicariously too I guess!
I also got a gorgeous pastel ball ofwool for 50p. Mixed colours, baby pink, blue & white.
Last but not least I got an owl shaped money box. He is huge, brown & very regal & I need to hide him from Mr J as he hates ‘tat’!