3.25am GMT

So when I left work at 3.25 this morning/last night this is pretty much what the world (Oxford, UK!) looked like… it was magical. It literally started as soon as I stepped outside. I stood there with my head tilted up watching the snowflakes by lamplight. Gorgeous.

Girly Night Out

I just had the best night out with two of my best girlfriends, Anna & Kath.

Kath & I went to Anna’s & she cooked dinner, we had wine, ‘met’ her niece via Windows Messenger & lost her door keys in the snow. I laughed so much tonight I almost wet my pants! 

This is the gorgeous Anna when we first got to know each other at dinner at Jamie’s Italian in Kingston back in 2008…

It’s been a long day but I’ve had a lovely evening & now I’m off to bed… xxx

Emergency Winter Survival Pack

What would you have in your Winter Survival Pack??? My mum has been snowed in for 36 hours plus now & had no electricity for almost the full 36 hrs… it’s back on now thank goodness. Unfortunately her entire village is electric only so she couldn’t go anywhere to get warm & she couldn’t cook. She has survived on tuna rolls & cheese on crackers!

Luckily she has plenty of magazines & books to read & two puppies to keep her entertained & warm. She had a torch & plenty of candles luckily and blankets so she did manage. The electricity was on for an hour and a half yesterday morning so she managed a cup of tea but I think I’ll be getting her a Thermos in case it happens again. And a battery run radio, plenty to keep entertained, paint, wool, puzzles etc. and plenty of tinned fruit. I’m glad the electricity is back on I was very very worried, but she is ok 🙂

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