Bread 101 #2

The humble sliced loaf came in to being in 1928, invented by a chap called Otto Frederick Rohwedder. Smart guy! In 1943 it was actually banned in America from January till March. It has now become the convenient mainstay of the West.

I personally am not a fan of the sliced stuff unless it’s toasted. Because then it tastes completely different
I am a HUGE toast fan. 
Toast & *peanut butter (crunchy) *jam (blackcurrant or strawberry) *chocolate spread (Nutella is the King) *soft cheese (Philaedelphia, Boursin etc) *pate… sometimes just on it’s own, super hot, with lashings of butter. Mmmmmmm!


You will need: Sliced bread, cheese, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

Turn on the grill.
Slice enough cheese to cover two slices of bread.
Place bread under the grill. Toast one side then turn over & very lightly toast the other. Remove slices.
On the less toasted side arrange your cheese slices.
Place back under grill until cheese is bubbling.
Make sure you don’t burn the edges! When it is ready, remove toast from the grill & place on a plate.
Add a dash of L&P Worcestershire sauce.

A little word about the cheese – it has to be a hard cheese as they melt perfectly. Think Cheddar or Double Gloucester.

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Friday Fashion… (24 hours late!)

OK so it’s confession time. I’m sitting in bed in my pajamas with an absolutely horrendous hangover eating chocolate spread sandwiches*. Yesterday I went to work, planned to come home, play with my (new ~ no.24 on my Before I’m 33 Wishlist!) camera, do a lovely blog post… instead I got sidetracked by my friend Helen and a couple of bottles of wine. Hence Friday Fashion is a day late & is about one of the greatest comfort items ever… the humble beanie! Enjoy x
(*I’m incredibly grown up & posh though so we’re talking Nutella & poppy seed bread!)
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