Makeup help!

So, recently, after an allergic reaction to two different types of eyeshadow, The Body Shop & Elite by abcosmetiques and suspecting an allergic reaction to Ferro ferricyanide, an ingredient in both, I went on a mission to find some different eye makeup. I discovered Beauty Without Cruelty which is suitable for vegans & vegetarians & fragrance free. I checked & it contained no cyanide ingredients so I snapped up an eye colour & a mascara. But…. I’ve been using them a few days & I’m not a fan. Both the shadow & the mascara come off really quickly & to be honest the mascara really doesn’t do the job for me.
Does anyone know of any cyanide-free good, effective brands? They don’t have to be suitable for vegans as I ‘fess up to being quite a meat eater but I’m definitely up for recommendations of anything that won’t make my eyelids swell up!