Happy Autumn Days

Happy Monday ~ 10 Things

Since today is the tenth as well as a Monday I figured I’d do a double whammy of 10 Things that make me happy! First… tea. I honestly cannot function without it. Minus my cuppa in the morning I am not even human. I am a Wild Thing!
Secondly… scarves. I actually wear them all year round. Yep… even in the summer. But in winter I get to pull out the big, chunky, woollen ones… love ’em!
Believe it or not, cooking makes me happy. Sometimes I find it relaxing, but mostly I find it satisfying.
Documentaries. Me & Tom watch them a lot. I especially like ones about nature, sea life & Dinosaurs!
Oh Comely magazine. It’s similar to the Aussie magazine Frankie but it’s British. The artwork they feature is always absolutely stunning 🙂
 Family! Top photograph is my brother, my mum & me at my brothers wedding reception three years ago. Second photograph is dad & me when I am but a wee toddler!
Lemon desserts. My absolute favourite! I’ve heard a rumour at work that we will have lemon cheesecake on the new menu… excited!
Reading. I read a lot. I like to be transported to different worlds, stories, lives…
My Tom. Yep, he makes me pretty darned happy!
Pink. Something about this colour just makes me HAPPY!!!!
So ten things that are guaranteed to make me happy. To link in to 10 Things, pop over to Shimelle‘s blog!
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Happy Monday

*Today I’m grateful for supportive friends & family, having a great time over Drummer Boy’s birthday, X Factor, amazing food**, watching Super8 (it’s fanatastic!) and meeting Bump (my soon-to-be nephew!).
*And I’m very excited about my best friends wedding this coming weekend in Cornwall! Eeeeep!

**Edit: It was my other half’s birthday & we went to the Magdalen Arms, Iffley Road, Oxford for dinner & had lamb with dauphinoise potatoes which was heavenly!

Drummer Boy

Oh yes. He skates, he drums, he’s a one-man dubstep show, he’s a dad and he makes the best chicken fajita’s ever. 
He is my Drummer Boy 🙂

Happy Monday

Today I’m grateful for… 
*discovering new yoghurts ~ particularly Onken cherry Biopot & Activia probiotic lemon. Yum!
*cuddles with Drummer Boy this morning
*finding my house keys (they were lost for two days!)
*my friends for making being at work easier 🙂

1. Me & dad way back when
2,3 & 4 all pictures sat on my laptop for infinity! (sources unknown)

2 day mini-break

Drummer Boy & I are departing on a trip in one of these today…

Yep, we’ve hired a houseboat out for two nights & are off down the Thames!

We’re very excited… we’ve bought tons of provisions & charged our cameras & phones. Fingers crossed for the weather!

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PS. It looks as though the worst of the rioting is over. My heart goes out to those in Manchester who had an awful night last night 😦

PPS. Don’t forget the August giveaway!

Weekend catch-up

This weekend was pretty action packed! I went to my best friends hen do, caught up with an old friend, dropped by to see my dad & celebrated my first anniversary with Drummer Boy.

Picture 1 ~ My newly dyed red hair!
Picture 2 ~ Me (pink wig), Claire (middle) & Andrea, her mum.
Picture 3 ~ Me & Andi. It was so much fun catching up with her.
Picture 4 ~ Me & my dad. We had hysterics trying to take a picture as the camera kept going off on it’s own!

Last night DB & I went to Mario’s on the Cowley Road to celebrate one year of being together. The food was delicious & the place has a proper Italian trattorria feel to it. We were up quite late in the end, we went for cocktails at Bar Tarifa & finally came home & drank champagne in to the wee hours!

It was a weekend I won’t forget for some time 🙂