Happy Autumn Days

Happy Monday ~ 10 Things

Since today is the tenth as well as a Monday I figured I’d do a double whammy of 10 Things that make me happy! First… tea. I honestly cannot function without it. Minus my cuppa in the morning I am not even human. I am a Wild Thing!
Secondly… scarves. I actually wear them all year round. Yep… even in the summer. But in winter I get to pull out the big, chunky, woollen ones… love ’em!
Believe it or not, cooking makes me happy. Sometimes I find it relaxing, but mostly I find it satisfying.
Documentaries. Me & Tom watch them a lot. I especially like ones about nature, sea life & Dinosaurs!
Oh Comely magazine. It’s similar to the Aussie magazine Frankie but it’s British. The artwork they feature is always absolutely stunning ๐Ÿ™‚
 Family! Top photograph is my brother, my mum & me at my brothers wedding reception three years ago. Second photograph is dad & me when I am but a wee toddler!
Lemon desserts. My absolute favourite! I’ve heard a rumour at work that we will have lemon cheesecake on the new menu… excited!
Reading. I read a lot. I like to be transported to different worlds, stories, lives…
My Tom. Yep, he makes me pretty darned happy!
Pink. Something about this colour just makes me HAPPY!!!!
So ten things that are guaranteed to make me happy. To link in to 10 Things, pop over to Shimelle‘s blog!
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Happy Monday

*Today I’m grateful for supportive friends & family, having a great time over Drummer Boy’s birthday, X Factor, amazing food**, watching Super8 (it’s fanatastic!) and meeting Bump (my soon-to-be nephew!).
*And I’m very excited about my best friends wedding this coming weekend in Cornwall! Eeeeep!

**Edit: It was my other half’s birthday & we went to the Magdalen Arms, Iffley Road, Oxford for dinner & had lamb with dauphinoise potatoes which was heavenly!

Drummer Boy

Oh yes. He skates, he drums, he’s a one-man dubstep show, he’s a dad and he makes the best chicken fajita’s ever. 
He is my Drummer Boy ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Monday

Today I’m grateful for… 
*discovering new yoghurts ~ particularly Onken cherry Biopot & Activia probiotic lemon. Yum!
*cuddles with Drummer Boy this morning
*finding my house keys (they were lost for two days!)
*my friends for making being at work easier ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Me & dad way back when
2,3 & 4 all pictures sat on my laptop for infinity! (sources unknown)

2 day mini-break

Drummer Boy & I are departing on a trip in one of these today…

Yep, we’ve hired a houseboat out for two nights & are off down the Thames!

We’re very excited… we’ve bought tons of provisions & charged our cameras & phones. Fingers crossed for the weather!

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PS. It looks as though the worst of the rioting is over. My heart goes out to those in Manchester who had an awful night last night ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

PPS. Don’t forget the August giveaway!

Weekend catch-up

This weekend was pretty action packed! I went to my best friends hen do, caught up with an old friend, dropped by to see my dad & celebrated my first anniversary with Drummer Boy.

Picture 1 ~ My newly dyed red hair!
Picture 2 ~ Me (pink wig), Claire (middle) & Andrea, her mum.
Picture 3 ~ Me & Andi. It was so much fun catching up with her.
Picture 4 ~ Me & my dad. We had hysterics trying to take a picture as the camera kept going off on it’s own!

Last night DB & I went to Mario’s on the Cowley Road to celebrate one year of being together. The food was delicious & the place has a proper Italian trattorria feel to it. We were up quite late in the end, we went for cocktails at Bar Tarifa & finally came home & drank champagne in to the wee hours!

It was a weekend I won’t forget for some time ๐Ÿ™‚

The Pink Post

I think that by now you probably know that I like tea. And who would be able to resist this sweet set?
How gorgeous is this elephant collage? DB loves elephants so I’m tempted to recreate something similar…
How awesome does this store look?!
I don’t have an iphone but if I did I would have this case!
I’ve always wanted to live in a cottage & what could be more perfect than a pink one?
Great graffiti.
Deliciously cheeky cupcakes!
I love this little camera necklace, unfortunately I don’t know where I found the picture. If you’ve seen it let me know where so that I can credit it.

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What can I say, I fancied a change from pink!

Love the bowl, it would look so pretty by my bedside table, maybe storing all my jewellery & hair bands.
LOVE this illustration.
How gorgeous is this necklace? I love it!
Turquoise doughnuts? Yes please! 
Love this necklace too. The designer is a graphic designer you should check out her shop. (link below).
I really really want this apron!
Couldn’t resist posting this bunny picture!
How awesome are these leg warmers?! Gorgeous.
Loving the seventies vibe of this picture.
This is Stef. She is partly responsible for the previous picture. She & her friend Erin run a mobile vintage shop & blog. It’s my new favourite read!
Work & life in general have been quite busy busy busy these last few days so my beloved laptop has been skulking in a corner! My summer project for my Art course came through, I have all necessary components to start work on the bridal necklace I’ve got to make, Drummer Boy had another gig, we had his daughter, A, over the weekend & now I’m off for a hen-do!
All very hectic but I’ll attempt to touch base & should have some great hen-do photos for you next week!

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The Big Destash

I don’t know if I’ve really explained my current living situation before. I live in a houseshare with the lovely Faye, her fella, another girl, the landlord & his dog. It’s a big house but it needs a real overhaul. And said dog needs a bath! Therefore I basically spend about 90% of my time at Drummer Boy’s house. We live here with two of his sisters, one of their’s fiance & a scientist lodger! However DB’s house is in much better shape, only has a visiting dog (Alfie, I might introduce you one day!), & currently a rabbit in the back garden, but this is the place I call home.

Now spending sooooo much time here & not really missing alotย of the stuff I have back at mine has led me to the realisation that I obviously don’t need all the stuff I have there. Obviously I want some of it, but well, a lot of it has got to go!

I have just patiently entered 22 barcodes into the musicmagpie website so that they take some of it off my hands & send me a cheque… hooray! A few good quality items will be Ebay’d. I will go over my crafting items with a critical eye & put aside that which I know I honestly won’t use for a destash section in my hopefully-not-too-far-off Etsy shop. I think unwanted (& hardly worn) shoes might find their way to Ebay, & of course, there’s always the charity shop.

(image found here)

But what about my books??!

Iย have decided that these fall into two seperate categories. I have some old, well thumbed through, fictional books which I have read, maybe even more than once, but no longer wish to keep. These I shall list in the ‘Grab A Book’ list that will appear in the sidebar once compiled (keep your eyes peeled!). To get your mitts on one of these simply email me on beingbeatrice@googlemail.com with your postal address & said book will magically appear on your doorstep. (UK readers only).

The second category is those books which I own but have never read! Mainly craft books that I’ve bought but just never used. they have merely gathered a (little) dust sitting on the bookshelf. Lo & behold these shiny new craft books, as well as a few crafty bits & pieces I’ve put together will be coming to a giveaway near you… very veryย soon! ย