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(First pic ~ Pantone colour chart. The rest… saved on my laptop! If anyone knows who to credit them to please let me know!)

Off to hell uh-hum, work. Have a lovely Saturday!

Introducing…. Sandra Dieckmann

Wow. That’s what I thought when I saw this image. Sandra Dieckmann, you rock.

I love how vibrant her work is. And the colours. Go check her work out, she’s amazing.

Thank you for all of your kind & supportive messages on my previous post, it means alot.

**Edit ~ my favourite is the spooning squirrels, followed closely by the white bison! 🙂

The Pink Post

I think that by now you probably know that I like tea. And who would be able to resist this sweet set?
How gorgeous is this elephant collage? DB loves elephants so I’m tempted to recreate something similar…
How awesome does this store look?!
I don’t have an iphone but if I did I would have this case!
I’ve always wanted to live in a cottage & what could be more perfect than a pink one?
Great graffiti.
Deliciously cheeky cupcakes!
I love this little camera necklace, unfortunately I don’t know where I found the picture. If you’ve seen it let me know where so that I can credit it.

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What can I say, I fancied a change from pink!

Love the bowl, it would look so pretty by my bedside table, maybe storing all my jewellery & hair bands.
LOVE this illustration.
How gorgeous is this necklace? I love it!
Turquoise doughnuts? Yes please! 
Love this necklace too. The designer is a graphic designer you should check out her shop. (link below).
I really really want this apron!
Couldn’t resist posting this bunny picture!
How awesome are these leg warmers?! Gorgeous.
Loving the seventies vibe of this picture.
This is Stef. She is partly responsible for the previous picture. She & her friend Erin run a mobile vintage shop & blog. It’s my new favourite read!
Work & life in general have been quite busy busy busy these last few days so my beloved laptop has been skulking in a corner! My summer project for my Art course came through, I have all necessary components to start work on the bridal necklace I’ve got to make, Drummer Boy had another gig, we had his daughter, A, over the weekend & now I’m off for a hen-do!
All very hectic but I’ll attempt to touch base & should have some great hen-do photos for you next week!

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The Pink Post

All of the photographs in today’s pink post were taken by me. Yep, I’ve been fiddling around with the macro setting on DB’s camera & am having a go at shooting my own pics as promised here. The more I practise the better I’ll get.. although I’m particularly proud of the fuchsia shot xox

The Pink Post

(all favim)
I’m working most of the weekend but I hope you all have a lovely one!

*Update* Working on a WIP that’s been floating around for an age, a leather cuff. Doing a tree-inspired design which should fit both of these challenges nicely… just need to finish it before the end of July!

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The Pink Post

(All pics sourced from weheartit)

How adorable is the pink haired girl with her pink haired tattoo??! Now I just need some kawaii crockery & the fair to come to town so that I can have pink candy floss & I’ll be a happy girlie!  
Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend… I’ve been to a wedding but I’ll blog about that soon…. xox

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