A Tuesday Ramble…

Last night I made some earrings similar to these except with golden tone wire & findings.. I made a pair with Snowflake Obsidian, a pair in Aventurine & some in Haematite. I’ll be doing a photoshoot asap. The pair above are some Tigers Eye earrings that I made a couple of years ago.

I also finished watching The Devil’s Whore last night starring the very beautiful Andrea Riseborough & the brilliant John Simm, a favourite actor of mine ever since The Lakes on BBC about ten years ago! TDW is set back in the day of King Charles & Oliver Cromwell & tells the true (& very sad) story of Lady Angelica Fanshawe… married 3 times & each one died. It’s very well acted & definitely worth a watch! It’s available on channel 4 on demand if anyone fancies it.

I was blown away by these this morning, found over at Find, Make, Do they are both made from carrier bags… I think the coral-type one is beautiful. Pop over to have a look at more carrier-bag installations. 

I also fell in love with this today whilst over at Inside A Black Apple. Emily has done a series of 12 paintings all inspired by Alice In Wonderland… marvellous!

Here is Week 4 of 8 Weeks To A Better Me… all about learning to love yourself, something that most people do struggle with. I’m going to count myself very lucky here & say that actually my self-image is pretty good. I was blessed with a very strong-willed & opinionated mother who taught me & my brother to believe in ourselves, to be self-reliant & to not care what other people think. It is harder not to care what others think as you get older (or so I’ve found) but on the whole she gave me a pretty good grounding & I’m generally pretty nice to myself! Thanks mum x

8 Weeks To A Better Me… Week 5

At the beginning of May Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet decided to set herself a series of small goals each week & invited other bloggers to join in… this is where it all started if you want to pop over & have a look-see 🙂 Being a bit slow on the uptake I’ve jumped in on Week 5 Loving Life & Having Fun as it was a thought-provoking read & also something we all need to try & do a bit more of!
My goals for this week are… 1. To get a new battery for my camera as it’s run out & now that I’m creating again I want to be able to share them with you… & as inspired by Lauren I want to take a lot more photos in general. 
2. To make or draw something everyday. As I mentioned here I haven’t really been at my creative best but with college starting in September I really really need to get back into the swing of it! Once I’ve got my camera up & running I’ll be able to post my work up here too which in turn should keep me inspired!
3. Last but not least, I can be quite a negative person. one of the reason I’ve quit my management position was because more often than not I’d be angry at work, my entire shifts would revolve around other people’s problems & it got to the point where I found myself feeling quite negative about people. Well I return to work tomorrow as a waitress & my final goal is to NOT be negative in my workplace!
Now in line with goal 2 I’m disappearing to make some earrings… xox

Pink Monday

(all images found on weheartit)

It’s been grey & gloomy & drizzly all day today & now finally at 6.15pm the sun is finally trying to break through! Lovely English weather. Today was my last day off before returning to work tomorrow & that and the weather have left me feeling a little down… so I decided it was time for a pink post!

Here’s a particularly dodgy pic of me taken with my webcam.. I was hoping to show you my newly-purple hair & my new Volcom t-shirt that I got from here but you can’t see it too well so here it is properly…

I love it! We do think the owls eyes are kind of trippy-hypnotic though… anyway i’m going to get some earrings made up tonight & watch a bit of BBC iplayer and hopefully get a bit of an early-ish night! Hope you’ve enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend xox
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Friday Fashion

All these awesome tees are courtesy of these Etsy shops… NYILLUSTRATION, TheBoldBanana, Em&Sprout and last but not least, Rocky The Zombie who are based in Southsea, Hampshire. I quite fancy the moustache one… xox

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Rain, rain, go away….

It’s raining here today so I thought I’d share some rain inspired Etsy finds… this gorgeous raincloud cushion is available here isn’t it so cute?!

You can get your very own personalised raincloud in sterling silver here… so sweet!

I love this gorgeous painting, found here, I love all the bright colours in it… makes me think of a sudden torrential downpour on a sunny day…

This one is so sweet, ‘Meeting To Feed Birds’ found here

Love this t-shirt, found here, & at only $20 it’s a bargain… payday tomorrow, hmmmm….

This necklace is gorgeous… found here

How unbelievably cute are these Love-Me-Notes??! Gorgeous… find them here

And I might have to treat myself to this before I start college in September! Find here

Well I actually have to pop into work today just to sort through my stuff & sort my drawer out as when I go back to work on Tuesday it’s as a waitress.. I am a manager no more! So I’m going to brave the rain & head in so that it’s over & done with…

Hope you have a lovely day! xoxox

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #3

1. Reading… one of my all time favourite past times. I’ve just finished The House At Riverton & it was fantastic. I got so drawn in by the characters & it was one of those books that you really just can’t put down because you need to know what happens.. compulsive!

2. Mayonnaise. I am a total mayo junkie… on my chips, on salad, on jacket potatoes, even roast potatoes!

3. The tapestry work of Emily Peacock. The cushion above is a joint design with Rob Ryan, papercut artist extraordinaire & is available as a kit for you to make… I want! 

4. My ipod. Yes it’s hot pink…. Drummer Boy got me it for christmas & it’s an absolute lifesaver on long journeys!

(Bottom pic from CuriousMoth)

5. Matroyshkas… I don’t know why. I did have quite a collection but I seem to have lost a few on the way.. payday soon so I might have to go & snoop round the shops! I just love the simplicity & elegance of their design I guess. I tried drawing a couple last night but easier said than done.. I’m going to doodle the Scandinavian flower designs that go with quite a bit over the next few days to practise & then have another go.

I actually got a pair of earrings made yesterday, green crystal chips (aventurine?) & gold-coloured wire, they look really nice. I need to get a new battery for my camera & then I’ll be able to share some pics with you! What are your favourite things??

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Crafty excitement!!!!

So I’ll be honest, I have been stuck in a huge non-creating rut, for quite a long time now. I’m excited about college in September & I’ve got a few days off and have a list of a few small crafty mends to get done for a couple of friends & my mum but have not really been feeling up to due to ta lack of inspiration. Even browsing my favourite blogs has failed to boost me….
But this morning everything changed! I have bought & perused issue one of Mollie Makes & I am so excited! It’s such a beautiful magazine, the photography is gorgeous, it features Rob Ryan, Emily Peacock & one of my absolute favourite bloggers & crafters, Dottie Angel. There are a few crafty how-to’s in there, complete with stencils & a free gift… I used to love buying Frankie but haven’t been able to get my mitts on it in some time so I’m soooo glad I spotted Mollie Makes! Somehow having beautiful images actually on paper in front of me is more inspirational for me than the online blogs that I look through…
Due to general excitedness & actually a need to do something I’m off but I’ll leave you with these visions of loveliness…

(All images from weheartit – tagged ‘illustration’)

PS. I have about 6 old mobile phones kicking around, all of which are pretty ancient & not even worth sending to those money-for-your-mobile companies… anyone have any suggestions what could be done with them?? Or do you know of any charities that take them for recycling purposes?

Blog Crush #3

I love her photography, tutorials, adorable home & quirky personal sense of style, her cute collections & her blue hair! Kaylah’s blog The Dainty Squid is another eye candy blog crush of mine…

This weekend I went away to Bristol with these girls…

For Pinchy’s birthday (she’s the one on the left, Vaida in the middle & me on the right) we went to Bristol which was awesome! This pic is from when we went in November. This time we went to a karaoke bar, Kobe, & it was so much fun! On the Sunday we went to lunch at Jamie’s which was lovely.
All in all I’ve had a good few days and for once I’m looking forward to the weekend (I’m then on holiday)!
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(All found via weheartit)
Wasn’t really feeling pink today so decided to search purple instead & found myself drawn to all these purple girls.. although admittedly a hint of pink might’ve crept in!
My drummer boy is out skating right now so I had a nice hot bath (bliss after a lot of running around at work today!) & I’m feeling inspired after finding these images so I think I’ll do a spot of doodling…
(found on weheartit)


So last Friday morning I made a cup of tea & sat & watched The Royal Wedding live on BBC iplayer. It was beautiful & emotional & I did cry. It was an overcast day but the sun broke through just as William & Kate came out into the doorway of Westminister Abbey… a magical moment. And they looked sooooooooooo happy!

Kate was 29 on her big day, I’m 33 and not married & my best friend, who is my first friend to get married, will be 33 when she ties the knot. Yet in so many of the blogs I read people are married so much younger, especially in Oz & the US… I wonder why we leave it later over here? Are you married? I’m kinda intrigued…. & yes, I’d like to get married someday 🙂