The Pink Post

All of the photographs in today’s pink post were taken by me. Yep, I’ve been fiddling around with the macro setting on DB’s camera & am having a go at shooting my own pics as promised here. The more I practise the better I’ll get.. although I’m particularly proud of the fuchsia shot xox



When i finished my Lego Man shoot yesterday I took the camera out into the garden & took these with the macro function. I’m pretty happy with them! Then me & my housemate Faye headed up to Cutteslowe Park to enjoy the sun…

I’m finding it a little odd to be wandering around England in a maxi dress in April! Fingers crossed we still get a good summer…

I do love this dress! Erm… I think I need a willing photographer, attempting to take a picture of yourself in a full length mirror is never going to work out well!

I’ve had a lovely couple of days off in the sun but unfortunately for me I’m back at work from 4pm today… hope you all have a great weekend xox


I was playing around with the macro option on my camera earlier & decided to use Drummer Boy’s lego collection for a mini-photoshoot! The last fella I found abandoned at the restaurant I work in.. we’ve dubbed him Wifebeater Lego Man because of the blood on his shirt & the bruise on his face 🙂