Pink Friday

(All pics sourced from weheartit)
Hi peeps… I guess I’ve got a bit of catching up to do! It’s a scorching day today & I really should be out enjoying the sunshine but sometimes the heat just makes me feel lazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….
I was supposed to fly to Italy on Monday morning but I was thwarted by the invisible ash cloud for the second time… so we spent the day in Brighton instead! We wandered down to the pier & wasted some time on the slot machines & we had breakfast at Bill’s which is absolutely fantastic! I wish there was one in Oxford! We had beer on the beach & then finally had lunch at Jamie’s on the company… a fab 3 hour lunch! Basically myself & the other Italy trip-goers got to meet up & get to know each other whilst consuming obscene amounts of food & now the trip has been rescheduled for June.
I did have to go back to work as the trip was cancelled but I was off yesterday so I’m feeling so much more refreshed! I’m working tonight though 😉 We also went back to the Tapas bar I mentioned here for my friend Helen’s birthday on Wednesday night. The food really is delishhhhhh! OK I really haven’t done much for the last week, tee hee… Hope y’all have a lovely weekend xoxox
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