I’m kind of using my blog as a form of introspection at the moment. I feel I’ve lost who I am.  I’m no longer enjoying where I work and I’m finding it hard to create. I even keep burning the dinner!

Keri Smith and Laura Mazurek’s blogs are inspiring me and allowing me to think in different ways.. I am sneaking in the odd new type of post such as this and trying the making lists idea from this. I feel that my blog is akin to an online diary/notebook and so far I’ve mainly used it as an online record of things or people I find inspirational but it’s now time to use it as a sounding board, as a way to explore my mind. A place to set myself little challenges, to remind me of ways I am wanting to grow.

I hope you have no objections to joining me on my journey, maybe you might find some inspiration on the way too?