Hand In Hand

I wanted to share this piece of art work with you today. Entitled Hand In Hand it’s a pen & ink drawing by my step-dad, Simon, whose birthday it would have been today.

Wasn’t he talented? He did a lot of pen & ink mainly of dragons and fairies.  I love this drawing in particular as it reminds me of Escher.

He loved fantasy art, nature, and Native American Indians. And us!

Simon, I miss you xxx


Mixed Media Art #2

I absolutely love mixed media art so thought it was time I shared some more with you. These artists all sell on Etsy so if you click their name it’ll take you to their shop. Sarah Ogren also makes the most beautiful jewellery.
1 & 2 Bobbi Lewin
3 & 4 Patti Ballard
5 & 6 Sarah Ogren
7 Shyama Helin
Hugs, Charis

Berlin Street Art

A few years ago I went to Berlin for my birthday. I’d never been before & would definitely like to go back! I found these photos the other day, to be honest they’re mostly just graffiti, however the street art in Berlin is actually pretty awesome so, sit back, put your feet up & enjoy!

(A couple of these are a bit blurry… back in the days of SLR…)

I Drew This…

I drew this young lady in pencil & crayon the other day. Am currently having a go at Fashion Illustration with a how-to book… must keep practising!

Five Images

I’ve been wanting to post this picture for ages….. I have no idea where I found it but I absolutely love how it represents the food chain, so clever.

My dad emailed this photo… how cute?!

Love the raccoon!

Beautiful… love the colours particularly.

(Source – same Tumblr as above)
How awesome is this illustration? Makes me think of Winter… which in my opinion has definitely arrived here in the UK!

Introducing… Mari Kubota

Isn’t her work absolutely stunning? I love the use of colour & her paintings are just.. ethereal.

I think my favourite is actually the third one down although I love how vibrant the first one is!

Find out more about Mari here.

Introducing…. Kat Mcleod

OK, yes, I know I’ve mentioned Kat’s work before here, here, & here but now it’s official. You’ve been introduced!

I absolutely love her work & find it very inspiring. The concept of mixed media art became real to me after seeing Kat’s work… it made me realise what I wanted to do.

I particularly love her red headed ladies.. & I absolutely love the soldier dress the last lady is wearing. How about you?