Fifteen + Avatar

On my day off yesterday I caught the train to London for lunch at Fifteen (a Christmas present!) & then I caught the train back to Oxford & watched Avatar in 3D..
At Fifteen we had antipasti.. grilled Aubergine, buffalo Mozzarella, Salami, Prosciutto, onions.. with a basket of bread including a delicious pumpkin & goats cheese bread & then I had a very hearty Lamb Ragu Tagliatelle which was lovely. The sauce was nice & thick & it was very warming, perfect for a bitterly cold January day! We had dessert boards after with a chocolate brownie (yum), lemon polenta cake (double yum) & Grappa Pannacotta.. strangely delicious!!!!                                                    
Avatar was awesome… the effects are amazing, I almost jumped out of my seat at one point! The story line isn’t exactly 100% original but its very well put together & honestly worth the watch.. I loved it! So that’s one movie at the cinema & another 11 to go before my 33rd birthday!