Friday Fashion

How awesome are these tees? All from Common Threadz, each tee is one of a print run of 250 so you’re pretty unlikely to see anyone else wearing one! Most of the tees are about $38/£23.50 & each tee you buy pays for school uniform for an orphaned child in Africa. Definitely worth checking out… I want this one…

I’ve mentioned these guys before here when I signed up for Isis’ Ethical Clothing Pledge which is a fantastic idea but which I most definitely have failed on in the last year! To be fair to me I think as much as many of us would like to be greener on an every day level on the British high street it’s really quite hard! One thing I am very good at though is recycling my clothes when I have bought new stuff.. I dish them out to friends & bag them up & take them to the charity shops so at least I don’t have items languishing at the bottom of my wardrobe!

And you can get your mitts on any of these if you pop over to Bleubird Vintage… if I was skinnier the rainbow patchwork skirt would be mine… I love it! Now that my shopping urge has been satisfied without actually spending a penny I’m off to get ready for work… Hope you all have a lovely start to your weekend xox

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3 Comments on “Friday Fashion”

  1. aprilavril says:

    aww those tshirts are so cute! I'm the same, soon as I buy myself any new clothes, I will send my old stuff off to charity shops. Although.. I've yet to start doing that with Emma and Holly's… they still got loads of their old clothes that won't even fit! But I'm half tempted to get myself a sewing machine and use their old clothes as fabric 😉

  2. Bec says:

    aaarrrgh that patchwork skirt is A-mazing. When I lived in Brighton I found an incredible orange and brown wool and velvet patchwork skirt and it was only 7 quid. It's one of my absolute faves but doesn't get much time off the rack in Oz, yay for winter, once the shop's sorted I'll pull it out again.

  3. Charis says:

    Laur you really should get a sewing machine… then you can make us both stuff!

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