Bread 101 #2

The humble sliced loaf came in to being in 1928, invented by a chap called Otto Frederick Rohwedder. Smart guy! In 1943 it was actually banned in America from January till March. It has now become the convenient mainstay of the West.

I personally am not a fan of the sliced stuff unless it’s toasted. Because then it tastes completely different
I am a HUGE toast fan. 
Toast & *peanut butter (crunchy) *jam (blackcurrant or strawberry) *chocolate spread (Nutella is the King) *soft cheese (Philaedelphia, Boursin etc) *pate… sometimes just on it’s own, super hot, with lashings of butter. Mmmmmmm!


You will need: Sliced bread, cheese, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

Turn on the grill.
Slice enough cheese to cover two slices of bread.
Place bread under the grill. Toast one side then turn over & very lightly toast the other. Remove slices.
On the less toasted side arrange your cheese slices.
Place back under grill until cheese is bubbling.
Make sure you don’t burn the edges! When it is ready, remove toast from the grill & place on a plate.
Add a dash of L&P Worcestershire sauce.

A little word about the cheese – it has to be a hard cheese as they melt perfectly. Think Cheddar or Double Gloucester.

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Foodie Friday

Oven Baked Garlic & Herb Chicken in Parma Ham

You will need: chicken breasts, Boursin (or similar Garlic & Herb cheese), Parma ham (or bacon).
  • Turn on oven & set to 200 degrees
  • Place a slice of Parma ham into a shallow baking tray, then place a chicken breast on top. 
  • Open the slit up in the chicken breast & spread some Boursin into it. I usually put quite a thick spread on so that the chicken really absorbs the flavours.

  • Wrap up the chicken with the Parma ham slice.
  • Repeat with other chicken breasts.
  • Cover tray with silver foil & pop in the oven for about 20 minutes.
  • Once chicken is cooked remove foil & leave to crispen up the Parma ham, remove when browned.

Serving Suggestions: We had ours with homemade chips but try the chicken with a great salad or steamed vegetables & new potatoes.

It’s a yummy dish I promise! Have a lovely weekend xox

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Friday Fashion

It’s a tad odd that I started a Friday fashion post as fashion isn’t really my thing. You can see the first ever FF post here

I think this will be my last FF post, if you’re a fashion fan then I do apologise, but fear not I’m sure the odd fashion post will sneak it’s way in every now & again!

I’ve decided to do something more ‘me’ as my regular Friday post, so, starting next week will be ‘Foodie Friday’… recipes, photographs, drawings & whatever takes my fancy! See you next Friday! x 

Friday Fashion & Lasagne-how-to

(All pix sourced from weheartit)

This weeks Friday Fashion is all about jewellery… absolutely adore the last ring… amazing! Jewellery is all I can think about right now. I’ve made earrings all week & am now having to design 4 necklaces… 1 wedding necklace & 3 gifts that all have to be person-specific. Totally failing to do what I promised myself here I still haven’t bought a new battery for my camera but pix of the earrings will be here soon I promise!
I’m baking lasagne tonight for Drummer Boy & his daughter, Alia, which always goes down a treat… My version is dead simple, I make my own sauce but cheat on the white sauce step! You need…
Minced beef 
Tomato passata
onions (or spring onions)
mushrooms (sssshhhhh, don’t tell Alia!)
lasagne sheets
streaky bacon 
creme fraiche
medium cheddar
vegetable oil
worcester sauce
black pepper
fresh basil
dried herbs – oregano, ‘italian seasoning’
Method: *Fry off chopped garlic & onion is vegetable oil (or sunflower or olive oil), add mince beef & brown. *Pour in tomato passata, add fresh basil & dried herbs, simmer… *Add roughly chopped streaky bacon… *Add sliced peppers & mushrooms… *Allow to simmer & thicken & add a good glug of worcester sauce. *Once meat sauce is ready spoon a layer into the bottom of an oven dish… layer over with lasagne sheets… *next spoon over a layer of creme fraiche & top with grated parmesan… *repeat until everything is used up then finish off with a top layer of grated cheddar & parmesan… *pop in the oven for roughly an hour et voila! Scrummy lasagne!
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