Foodie Friday

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One of my favourite things about this time of year is pumpkins! I love the colours, the size variations & the taste… yum! Yesterday I had butternut squash risotto for lunch  & it inspired me to have a look for some recipes for you… I’ve never cooked pumpkin, but I might have to try the pumpkin ravioli myself!

If you try any of these or you know any great pumpkin recipes drop me a comment!
Happy eating!

4 Comments on “Foodie Friday”

  1. Roselie says:

    I love pumpkins too! And now I have a craving for a pumpkin pie…

  2. Mmm I make a butternut squash risotto and I love it 🙂 Never had pumpkin pie – might have to try it this autumn!

  3. Lilpixie says:

    Love the first pic! I've never eaten pumpkin actually!

  4. Bec says:

    pumpkin and potato gnocci is pretty scrumptious too, I just substitute half the potato required with pumpkin instead and it's yummo!!

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