I am a prolific list writer.

Shopping lists, recipe lists, To Do lists, daydreamy ‘I would like..’ lists, daily lists, long-term lists…. I like a good list. There is something about writing something down on paper in order to achieve it. And, of course, the satisfaction of crossing it off afterwards. Sometimes I add things that I have done to a ‘To do’ list in order to make it look like I’ve done more than I have!

Back at the beginning of July in this post I set myself a list of things to do before September & I have to confess to have not gotten very far. Still to do…

 *A drawing a day.
*Go to an art exhibition
*Get bridal necklace done for Claire’s September wedding
*Get a good camera

Now I have a few more to add to the list…

*Get bridesmaids gift necklaces done (3)
*Go swimming with DB & A before the summer is over
*Have a goodbye lunch with my friend Emma before she relocates to Brum for university in 3 weeks!
*Get college projects up & rolling… (1)create a collection of amazing & interesting things ~ a minimum of 10 objects & (2) complete a visual diary in a completed scrapbook ~ recording aspects of my life through drawings, painting, photographs & collage.
*Learn some time management skills in order to achieve all of this!

Are you a list writer? I literally wouldn’t survive without them!


3 Comments on “Lists”

  1. I absolutely love lists! I have to say my favourite type of list is still a good old pen and paper though. I've tried many online apps but they are just never as good. I like to give items a tick when they are done rather than crossing them out. Franx

  2. I'm not a list-maker.. I really should be cos I can be so absent-minded. Gary (my OH) is obsessed with lists so he keeps me right haha.. I do get a bit annoyed with him tho when he makes me sit down to go through his latest list! I'm too impatient I think đŸ™‚ x

  3. Sounds to me young lady you'd better get your 'skates' onxxx

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