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This post by Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet is a great post about blogging & how not to fall in to the trap of comparing your blog to others to see who’s is best… a must read for novice bloggers who are still counting visitors. Elsie  touches on similar points too on her Blog Love e-course (of which I am proud to be a student!) encouraging you to blog about what you want to blog about, rather than what you think people want to read about.

My blog has been kinda wibbly wobbly over the years starting back here in December 2009 but now I feel it is slowly becoming more ‘me’ which I’m happy about. If you aren’t trying to emulate somebody else & are literally being true to yourself then, well, it makes it all so much easier! For the last 18 months I’d been trying so hard to be a certain person… a manager in a well-known, freakishly busy restaurant, who didn’t really have time to be creative & I pretty much almost kept those two sides of myself apart. Now that I’m back to waitressing I’m also back to creating & sharing my work with my friends without feeling silly or like I’m going to be judged. It’s a relief… it’s a feeling of freedom. 
I think that what I’m trying to say is that now I can feel that shift in attitude filtering in to my blog. I hope so anyway.. if I’m more true to myself on here & the real me filters through then I’ll have an honest slice of blogland to look back at one day & be proud of x

4 Comments on “Freedom”

  1. I have a very hard time sometimes not comparing my blog to everyone else's. I'm like that with a lot of things. However, even if I do compare I still remind myself that my blog is ME and even if it's not perfect that's okay.

  2. Tat says:

    After over a year of blogging, I still find it hard not to compare myself to others all the time. I'm going to check out the links you suggested!

  3. danneromero says:

    true words indeed… love the photo…i began blogging in june because my husband had to move to arkansas for a job… i have remained with the kids in CA…i write about life as i know it.. holding together a long distance relationship…truthfulness is what i am all about… your words ring true for me… you have a new follower…please stop over and follow along as i write about life in 2 states…and everything else in between….

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