So I’ve mentioned my earring making stint previously here & below are some (not all!) of the fruits of my labour… 

I also made a pair with aventurine chips but I gave them to my friend Faye to match her green eyes! The last pair is the pair I wore to this wedding but the first two pairs will be available in my Etsy shop when I go live. I love doing these wire-wrapped gemstone earrings, they’re so simple to make & very pretty. Once I’ve got some new supplies in I’ll put together a D-I-Y tutorial for you!

(The fruits of my efforts a couple of summers ago).

*Keep an eye on my sidebar today the ‘Grab A Book’ list will be going IS up! See here for details xox

**UPDATE: Earrings in pictures 1 & 2 now available in my Etsy shop!

6 Comments on “Earrings”

  1. MultipleMum says:

    These are great! Such a clever clog x

  2. Love the Snowflake Obsidion ones…shame i can't wear them luv ME xxx

  3. Charis says:

    Fear not mum once I've scraped the pennies together I'll be buying some silver earring findings so that you can wear them! I'll make you a pair especially x

  4. Those are so pretty, I like!

  5. These are great – yes please to a tutorial, I love jewellery!

  6. Stevie Leigh says:

    Gorgeous! I'm visiting your Etsy shop 🙂

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