The Big Destash

I don’t know if I’ve really explained my current living situation before. I live in a houseshare with the lovely Faye, her fella, another girl, the landlord & his dog. It’s a big house but it needs a real overhaul. And said dog needs a bath! Therefore I basically spend about 90% of my time at Drummer Boy’s house. We live here with two of his sisters, one of their’s fiance & a scientist lodger! However DB’s house is in much better shape, only has a visiting dog (Alfie, I might introduce you one day!), & currently a rabbit in the back garden, but this is the place I call home.

Now spending sooooo much time here & not really missing alot of the stuff I have back at mine has led me to the realisation that I obviously don’t need all the stuff I have there. Obviously I want some of it, but well, a lot of it has got to go!

I have just patiently entered 22 barcodes into the musicmagpie website so that they take some of it off my hands & send me a cheque… hooray! A few good quality items will be Ebay’d. I will go over my crafting items with a critical eye & put aside that which I know I honestly won’t use for a destash section in my hopefully-not-too-far-off Etsy shop. I think unwanted (& hardly worn) shoes might find their way to Ebay, & of course, there’s always the charity shop.

(image found here)

But what about my books??!

I have decided that these fall into two seperate categories. I have some old, well thumbed through, fictional books which I have read, maybe even more than once, but no longer wish to keep. These I shall list in the ‘Grab A Book’ list that will appear in the sidebar once compiled (keep your eyes peeled!). To get your mitts on one of these simply email me on with your postal address & said book will magically appear on your doorstep. (UK readers only).

The second category is those books which I own but have never read! Mainly craft books that I’ve bought but just never used. they have merely gathered a (little) dust sitting on the bookshelf. Lo & behold these shiny new craft books, as well as a few crafty bits & pieces I’ve put together will be coming to a giveaway near you… very very soon!  

4 Comments on “The Big Destash”

  1. hey, are any of these books still available!!! 🙂

  2. MultipleMum says:

    I like your grab-a-book idea! I live in Aus so won't take part but it is a good idea 🙂 I hope the house situation works out and am really glad to hear you are decluttering and recycling things you no longer need x

  3. Charis says:

    CD: yep, check the sidebar xMM: I wanted to know that my books would go to a good home 🙂

  4. Fantastic idea about the book give away! I've been really getting into swapping things lately via the internet. Currently I'm involved in a fabric swap and I recently swapped a button necklace I made for a lovely different designed button necklace one of my twitter friends made! Such a nice idea!x

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