My Oxford

Happy Monday all! Don’t know if you’ve spotted this yet but I recently added a ‘My Oxford’ page to my blog. Oxford is a tiny, beautiful city & a huge draw due to it’s history, architecture & the university. (Oxford Brookes is here too but that’s not why the tourists come!

The famous Oxford skyline… covered market in the foreground, university buildings & The Radcliffe Camera in the background.

Did you know that Tolkein wrote The Lord of the Rings here? C.S. Lewis wrote The Chronicles of Narnia & of course, Lewis Carroll created Alice In Wonderland.

I actually met Elijah Wood once, in a pub called The Wheatsheaf, whilst he was here filming The Oxford Murders. He was very sweet & polite & small with HUGE eyes! He even signed an autograph for me to give to my step-dad, Simon.
Since I am luckily living in this beautiful city I thought I’d share various places of mine with you in case you ever decide to visit! So on My Oxford page you’ll find my favourite shops, eateries, hang-outs & places to visit. If you do drop by one day or have a favourite place you’ve been to here then leave me a comment & let me know what you thought!

Have a great week xox

3 Comments on “My Oxford”

  1. Oxford is lovely, I've had some nice weekends there, but not been for ages. Ok, well I've done a couple of Bicester Village raids, not sure that counts though!

  2. Gem says:

    Ah great post. I used to live in Oxford. For a few years. Where is the Wheatsheaf, can't think….I LOVE Oxford.Went back for my sister's hen weekend in March. Raoul's, Freuds…..oh all lovely!Do you waitress right in the city centre?I used to adore the covered market.I used to write for the local rag too.Take care!Gem x

  3. Charis says:

    I've only been to Bicester village once in all the time I've lived here!Gem; the Wheatsheaf is on The High st, down an alley. I've been to Raouls & Freuds… I love Jericho! I do work in the centre yes.. so get to pop into the covered market quite a lot x

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