Things To Do Before September

Rebecca @ Consider My Dear

1. A drawing a day… my Art & design course starts in September & in my interview the tutor stressed how important simply drawing is & said that mine was weak (it is!) & that I needed to practise over the summer. One of Leigh-Ann’s draw-a-longs might come in pretty handy!

2. Make up some more earrings using up my current stash ready for sale.

3. Go to an art exhibition… perhaps the Joan Miro exhibition at The Tate Modern?

4. Get the bridal necklace for this beautiful lady ready for their September wedding!

5. Finally get a good camera!

What’s on your ‘To Do’ list for the rest of summer? 

4 Comments on “Things To Do Before September”

  1. two birds says:

    great list! is "relax" an option? cause that's what i want to do!!!

  2. Hi Charis, thanks for following, am doing likewise, it's always so nice when people comment as well as just clicking follow (although I appreciate that too). I'd be really interested to see a street art post from your neck of the woods, I never imagined there'd be much of a scene for it in Oxford, but I guess it can be anywhere these days.I keep meaning to do a 'to do list' post, they're a great way of keeping focused. I really want to get back into some crafting, blogging and commenting seems to be taking up all my time at the moment. I used to love drawing too, but haven't really done that for years.

  3. It's winter here in Australia. All I'm planning to do before September is survive the cold, the wind, the rain and the kids with headcolds!Visiting from the Rewind.

  4. MultipleMum says:

    I wish you luck with these goals. I hope the art course is great – I look forward to reading about it! Thanks for Rewinding x

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