So last Friday morning I made a cup of tea & sat & watched The Royal Wedding live on BBC iplayer. It was beautiful & emotional & I did cry. It was an overcast day but the sun broke through just as William & Kate came out into the doorway of Westminister Abbey… a magical moment. And they looked sooooooooooo happy!

Kate was 29 on her big day, I’m 33 and not married & my best friend, who is my first friend to get married, will be 33 when she ties the knot. Yet in so many of the blogs I read people are married so much younger, especially in Oz & the US… I wonder why we leave it later over here? Are you married? I’m kinda intrigued…. & yes, I’d like to get married someday 🙂

4 Comments on “Marriage..”

  1. Juliab says:

    Great blog. I watched the wedding too although I didn't cry as my kids kept interrupting and putting me off! BTW, I got married at 23 which seems so young now but at the time seemed perfectly reasonable!! x

  2. I can't stop looking at photos from the royal wedding.. it was just. so. beautiful.

  3. Better get that fella of yours to get down onto on knee and propose honey xxx

  4. Ruby Girl says:

    i know, such a fun thing. the pics are so great. ❤

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