So I just found this picture over at Cellardoor & couldn’t resist reposting it because it is quite possibly one of the most gorgeoues outfits I’ve ever seen! Oh to be in my early-twenties & be able to wear over the knee socks without looking ridiculous…

Both images from weheartit. The pink jacket caught my eye but it’s the fun crosses necklace that I want! And in the second pic… her eyeliner & hair are perfect! To be that much of a rock chick…

Back to cellardoor if you haven’t checked it out alright then you really should. It’s a bit like an English Frankie & i love it!  It’s a blog & magazine and they post up some pretty cool stuff like this…

(available from here) and this…

(available here) they post loads of fashion shots as well, about other bloggers, indepent crafters etc… if you’re British it’s perfect for a little bit of homegrown 🙂

Time to get ready for work, have a great weekend!

See previous Pink post here x


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