Happy Monday

We have been having the most amazing weather! So much so that I actually caught the sun & went slightly pink on Saturday. My freckles are threatening to come out! Spring is definitely here to stay & if the glimpses of sun we’ve been having are anything to go by it’s going to be an amazing summer!

Whilst browsing the net this morning before I don my sunnies & venture outside I found lots & lots of doilies. Vintage, handmade, remade, lampshades, bowls, incorporated with ceramics… doilies are the perfect expression of spring… taking something old & breathing new life into it… take a peek…

This piece is by Marie-Louise Sundqvist & I found this via here, one of my favourite inspiration blogs. I just love this piece. Over here I found some incredible shots, make sure you pop over & have a look…

Found this one from the same escapade here… it must have taken quite some time to have done this!

Then there is the beautiful work of the very talented Tif over at Dottie Angel

I am completely in love with that dress… purple is right up there with pink as my favourite colour & the doilies make such a lovely detail. More below found here

I particularly like the curtain… great if you’ve accidently ripped your net curtains… doily them up! Well, Happy Monday folks, here’s to a lovely week… xox

5 Comments on “Happy Monday”

  1. Tania says:

    I am just slightly (utterly) smitten by the doilied tree. LOVE guerilla craft of the doily persuasion.

  2. Grace says:

    No doubt you enjoyed the sun this weekend. Pink is your favorite color, right? :-)I really like the doily on the flower vase. Very creative.

  3. Hi, love the doily ideas, i have a bag full, that i want to use. Have a great week xx

  4. Hi honey(PS. Love the Friends badge too x)You can copy 'n' paste if you want too :)Me x

  5. Adore these images šŸ™‚

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