Pink Thursday

All pictures sourced from weheartit
This weekly pinkfest started here after being inspired by Trains & Sewing Machines on a post very much like this one. She picks a different colour each week to search on weheartit but I’m a pink fanatic so I usually just search for… pink! I am especially loving the adorable kid in the gigantic pink sunglasses, soooo cute!
Last night I helped my friend Hannah with a teeny bit of packing because she’s moving to Leeds next week (I’ll miss you Smith!) we had wine, ate pizza, and I raided her wardrobe. Score! 8 new summery tops for me! Yay! My summer wardrobe has been boosted of late & it’s only cost me about £15 so far. (Plus the £11 taxi fare home last night. Ouch!) Charity shops & your friends wardrobe definitely the way forward!
Gotta run, have a full on day at work today so I really need to get moving. Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!
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3 Comments on “Pink Thursday”

  1. Aw I feel so special!!! 😀 Good work, I love doing the color post! I'm excited whenever Monday comes around again just because of it! 🙂 I also love the little kid with the big glasses, so adorable.

  2. Great pictures, i love that headband xx

  3. communikate. says:

    Love all of these sweet images! 😉

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