Weekly Round-up

This week I have gotten a little obsessed with vampire series’… I read Twilight ages ago & to be honest, really enoyed it, although as a 31 year old I got quite frustrated with Bella’s character & I thought the last book was a bit of a let down. Me & Mr J watched the first movie & loved it! (Although all of the Cullens, apart from Edward, look ridiculous!) When Trueblood started on Sky we were hooked… Bill & Sookie rock, the series is dark, Jason Stackhouse is absolutely hilarious & I feel for Sam, the bar owner. Last night, Mr J started snoring at 830pm (giggle giggle) so I decided to watch the Vampire Diaries. Very teen-y (the same producer as Dawsons Creek if I’m not mistaken, Kevin Williamson) & kinda silly but starring the particularly gorgeous Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore, the evil vamp! I enjoyed it so I watched another one… & another one… & I’ve been sucked in! Trueblood is the best though, hands down! Also this week I’ve been listening to Take That & pretending not to notice the very silly Mark Owen splashing his infidelities all over the papers. What is it with celebs? They can’t keep their pants on or their mouths shut! I’ve also rediscovered Feist & Sigur Ros, caught up on my sleep, found an awesome recipe for Hot Cross Scones (see Essentials magazine April 2010 issue~bought last week before I took yesterday’s pledge!)… & been dreaming about going red…. PS. Also discovered these blogs… Little Eco Footprints & Hayley of Heidi & Seek’s new blog Remade I hope you’ve all had a great week! xox PPS. If you fancy any of the books listed under Book Giveaway in the righthand sidebar just email me at charismagick@googlemail.com & the book shall be yours!


A few months ago I signed up for Isis’ ethical clothing pledge. I pledged to buy preloved, which I have… I’ve picked up an awesome khaki green Pineapple shirt dress, a cool Dr Seuss tee, a pretty green vest top & an georgeous 60s style Warehouse dress! I pledged to buy handmade and or reconstructed, which I haven’t done, mainly because I worry about sizing. However, there’s so much awesome stuff out there on Etsy & Dawanda that I think I’m going to take the plunge! I pledged to NOT buy from big companies that do not use environmental materials and that may practice sweatshop conditions… & I failed. Oh the seduction of bright, funky clothing displays amidst the grey gloomy weather of an English winter… I was seduced by Next I’m afraid. I also didn’t define my rules clearly enough for myself. Today though I saw dottie angels ‘challenge of an utmost kind’ & it reminded me of the reasons that I’d originally signed up to the pledge. So I’m giving it another go… Underwear & work clothes/shoes are exempt from my pledge but any other clothing that I’d like will be ethical. All books that I buy will be secondhand, as well as items for our home. I’m slowing cutting down on chemicals in the household too as the amount of chemicals that the human body absorbs freaks me out! With shops like CommonThreadz & Bleubird Vintage when I need some retail therapy it shouldn’t be too difficult… so today is day 1 of The Ethical Clothing Challenge Of The Utmost Kind!!! Being greener is one of the things I promised myself in 2010 so I feel that I’m getting back on track… anybody else out there doing anything similar?

Pink Tuesday

(All sourced from weheartit) I couldn’t resist the ice skater shot this morning… she looks so graceful, like a bird about to take flight. I absolutely love watching ice skating. Like many little girls I wanted to be an ice skater! I grew up in the Torville & Dean years though so maybe it had a particularly special glamour 🙂 The My Little Pony is another hark back to a 1980’s childhood, tee hee, I used to absolutely adore mine! They’re around again now… how I wish I’d kept my original ones xox

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S(it’s Mon…)Day Sweetness

Doesn’t Spring make you think of Romance? It does me! The sun is shining, flowers are budding, lambing season begins, the trees blossom… you can see everything beginning in front of you. It makes you feel happy, light, renewed, blooming… & maybe it gets you allllll loved up! All photographs sourced from weheartit PS. Go here for a very cute Spring competition from Adolie Day!

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Happy Mothers Day!

1. Beatien Yazz, Mother & Child, 2. Klimt, 3. Max Mannix
PS. I love mine xoxox

Best of British… Blogs

Todays post is my 50th!!! Woop woop! So I decided I’d do a Best of British to mark the occasion.. introducing you to my favourite British bloggers.

First up is Kate the artist behind pics 1-3.. she has 3 seperate blogs my personal favourite being Little Doodles as it combines her illustration, random thoughts & a little bit of fashion. 

Another fave is Hazel who uses her blog to introduce various artists from around the world. You never know who you will come across & I usually fall in love with the work she chooses to post! 

 Pics 4&5 are both pieces by Alex who dwells in lovely Worcestershire & makes ceramics & all sorts of beautiful things & shares the area around her home & her thrifting escapades with us! 

Another favourite is the incredibly talented Cathy Cullis (pics 6&7) whose blog is inspirational with snippets of her drawings & poetry. Last but not least Lavelle has an absolutely gorgeous blog full of beautiful clothes & whimsical photographs which is almost like an online inspiration board!

Felt Fun

This weekend at mums I made (1&2) this pretty flower embroidery/applique piece embellished with sequins… mum liked it so much she kept it! I also made these (3&4) felt flowers which I’m going to turn into brooches, hair slides & all sorts (with the help of the fabulous kit Hazel sent me <3). I’m very very much into flowers at the moment! Pics 5 & 6 are brooches I’ve made previously… 5. is for sale here & 6 already has a home. I enjoy making brooches… more to come I think!