Pink Wednesday

sources 1,2,3,4 & 5 all found on weheartit although if you look closely at 1. it has Claire Penn photography waterstamped across it… check her out she is very talented! 6&7 are both Bleubird Vintage finds… how much do I want those boots? They are absolutely gorgeous! 8 is a CommonThreadz tee… they are only $38 each, are made in print runs of 250 & for every tee bought a school uniform is given to a child in need. Check them out! What is your favourite colour? PS. We had another tidying spree today & now Mr J has his own little office (in the teeny corner between the guest loo & the utility wall) which he is very happy with because the sun no longer shines on his computer screen! Now the bookcase is in the living room… I need another one I have soooo many books! PPS. Why is it that the minute I have to leave the house to go to work the sky turns an ominous shade of grey…??!

See previous Pink post here x

5 Comments on “Pink Wednesday”

  1. love these images (and i'm not even a fan of pink!).

  2. PINK!!! i love pink! it makes me feel girly. haha. but my fave color is probably purple on lime green!but i am LOVING those pink boots!and your blog! its simply wonderful!

  3. Jodes says:

    i love pink wednesday!!!i've said it before and i've said it again.i agree with being in no hurry to grow up and get married – especially if you don't want!

  4. xoxoKrysten says:

    Love pink – those boots are awesome!

  5. I love pink, but i love so many colours my favourite at the moment is yellow, hope you have a great weekend xx

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